There is nothing more beautiful than installing a new Bow Windows in your CT home. Homeowners in Ct have chosen Replacement Bow Windows for years to add beauty to there homes exterior and depth to there interior. A Bow Window is like adding a small addition to any room in your home but are most popular in the living room and dining room. They let in lite while adding ventilation to your room as we4ll as creating a nice place for your plants or the family pet.

Bow Windows Prices in CT can vary depending on the size and options that you choose.  You can get a Bow Window in different colors as well as getting the interior vinyl laminated to look like natural wood without the maintenance.  There are also several glass options such as colonial grids and cut glass available. A Replacement Bow Window also need to be installed correctly and requires a skilled carpenter to handle the installation.  Sometimes a home owner want to create an opening or alter the opening they have to make there new bow window larger. This may require a header to be installed over the Bow Window in CT to make sure there is proper support.

A quality Bow Window Installation in CT will also use a cable support system to support the window. A Cable support system is a heavy cable or chain system that ties into you rafters and is adjustable to insure that the Bow Window is level and that it wont sag over time.  A Bow Window must be installed level or the casement windows will not operate correctly. The outside of your Bow window also requires attention to make sure that it is properly flashed and sealed so it won't leak. Many times it will be installed under a overhang, but if there is no overhang then a roof will have to be constructed over the bow window to keep the weather out.
When getting a price on a Bow Window in CT be sure to deal with a professional window contractor who has experience installing them to avoid any problems. Always ask for references to make sure that they installed them for home owners and that they continue to operate properly and don't leak.

You can get an Online Estimate from a factory direct bow window contractor in CT right here at Price Your Windows CT.


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